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Impaired DrivingWe are not suggesting that people should be driving while impaired or while under the influence of alcohol. Laws in the province of Ontario are very strict.

There are non-profit agencies like MADD preaching against drinking and driving and it is important that you know the consequences when getting behind the wheel.

However, sometimes people make mistakes and are still deserving of help
and assistance since the penalties are very dramatic.

We strongly recommend that if you have been charged with a drinking and driving charge that you consult a lawyer right away Please visit for assistance.

Drunk driving or drinking and driving is a charge which requires a very technical analysis and a good DUI Lawyer is essential. We do not allow paralegals to handle Impaired Driving charges. The legal considerations are simply too complicated.

Drive Drunk

The decision to drink and drive or to actually drive drunk can result in serious offences. There is an immediate suspension of one’s drivers licence, high fines and dramatic insurance ramifications. If you neglected to use a designated driver or a taxi cab or transit it does not necessarily mean that you are entirely out of options. The fact that you have been charged with a drinking and driving offence does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. We do however think that you need a Lawyer for this kind of charge, not a paralegal click here if you have been charged with any drinking and driving charge anywhere in Ontario. When facing this type of charge you need the best defence possible. Do not feel that you are morally obligated and take your punishment, speak to a Lawyer first. The ramifications of Impaired Driving charges are severe and you can usually make arrangements for a free consultation with a Lawyer. You have nothing to lose and can always decide to go and enter a guilty plea later if you wish. At least you will have an opportunity to receive some legal advice and direction before making one of the most serious decisions that you are ever likely to face in life. DUI charges can sometimes be defended entirely and DUI charges can sometimes be reduced. Do yourself a favour and contact a professional before deciding what to do with any drinking and driving charge, or any other criminal charge.

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