Careless Driving
  • 6 Demerit Points
  • Fine of not less than $200 and not more than $2000
  • A possible suspension of a driver’s licence for a period of up to 2 years
  • A possible term of imprisonment for up to 6 months

130.  Every person is guilty of the offence of driving carelessly who drives a vehicle or street car on a highway without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway and on conviction is liable to a fine of not less than $400 and not more than $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of not more than six months, or to both, and in addition his or her licence or permit may be suspended for a period of not more than two years. 2009, c. 5, s. 41.

We have been successfully defending clients for 20 years and Careless Driving is the #1 HTA charge that we defend. We have handled virtually every possible fact scenario in relation to Careless Driving charges. Our objective is always to eliminate your charge first if at all possible. If we feel you are at risk of a conviction to careless driving then we will seek to negotiate the best resolution possible in order to reduce the charge from careless driving to some other minor offence. Generally you will not need to attend court on your careless driving charge unless you choose the ‘trial only’ option and are not interested in a negotiated resolution.

Please do not send in your careless driving ticket with fine payment before speaking to us. Please call us instead for a free consultation regarding your careless driving charge. If you decide to defend your careless driving charge then we will turn in the ticket for you and choose the Trial option. We will then do everything possible to eliminate your careless driving charge or reduce it to the best charge available. You will always have the choice to attend court or to have us represent you instead. We will of course make a recommendation to help you in choosing how to handle your careless driving charge.

If you caught with Careless driving!

Careless Driving TicketsCareless Driving is a typical charge in accident cases and is often laid in situations where a more minor ticket could have sufficed. It is likely because careless driving is such a broadly worded charge that the section is so often overused. Careless Driving is driving that is alleged to have been done without due care and attention and can therefore apply to a wide range of circumstances. The good news is that we can usually defend careless driving charges either entirely or by a reduction to a minor traffic ticket instead which is likely to have a lesser impact on your driving record and your insurance rates. We will do everything possible to help you with your careless driving charge.

Penalties for Careless Driving include 6 demerit points, large fines, and in the wrong circumstances may even involve a license suspension or custody. Careless Driving charges are considered major offences by insurance companies and a conviction could result in the loss of your insurance or a dramatic increase in your rates if you are convicted. You absolutely do need to fight any careless driving ticket and that is where we come in. We utilize both in-house paralegals and a network of licensed legal service providers including former prosecutors, ex-police officers and professional Court Agents to handle your careless driving charge and our network of professional agents extends across most of Ontario. We are confident that you will not find better paralegal representation anywhere to represent you in challenging your careless driving ticket.

We offer fixed fees, free consultations, and telephone or online consultations as well. Call or email us to find out how we can help you with your careless driving charge.

We know how to defend Careless Driving Charges and we are confident that you will not find better paralegal representation anywhere as all of our representatives are Licensed Legal Service Providers under the Law Society of Upper Canada. If you want a Lawyer to handle your charge instead, we suggest you visit

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