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We defend traffic tickets. It’s what we are trained to do. So while you could choose to defend a traffic ticket yourself you would never know whether you have done the right thing or achieved the best deal possible unless you hire a professional.

Commercial Vehicles (CVOR)

The Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) system and the Carrier Safety

We can assist you if you have been charged with Stunt Driving and wish to negotiate the best resolution possible. If you wish to have a trial we recommend that you hire a Lawyer please go to

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We can professionally defend your Toronto Traffic Ticket so please take the time to use our website. Toronto citizens seeking assistance in defending traffic tickets any place in Ontario use our site as a first stop for defending Toronto Speeding Tickets, Toronto Traffic Tickets, Traffic Violation, and Traffic citations. Let us help to solve your traffic ticket problems today. While we primarily defend Traffic Tickets in Toronto we can defend your traffic tickets anywhere in Ontario. With Toronto Traffic Tickets, you will find a service that services Traffic Ticket Toronto, assists with the Toronto Traffic Court, and ensures that your Traffic Tickets in Toronto are represented properly. Speeding Ticket Toronto and Mississauga Traffic Tickets along with Ontario Traffic Tickets are things that we also deal with.


Toronto Traffic Tickets is your gateway to trained and experience individuals who are capable to assisting you with any ticket infraction that you might receive. We can help you with speeding ticket infractions, red light tickets, impaired driving and many more violations.

Traffic Tickets
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You need an industry leader in getting your offence cleared from your records eliminating demerit points, and reducing or eliminating fines. We have a proven track record in the GTA and across the Ontario region. We can help with Careless Driving, Red Light Charges, Stop Sign Charges, Speeding Tickets, and all Traffic Tickets.

Red Light Infraction

Our excellent trained professionals have decades of experience in making sure that you will not have to unnecessarily pay a hefty fine and be penalized with increased premium payments towards your car insurance.

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While no one can guarantee the outcome; we will do everything possible to win your case!